About Us

Looking for a good quality water proof product ?

WPC boards serves the demand for the recycled, reused and reused products serving home owners from around the world. No worry. Get a free quotation today!


We aim to produce an Eco friendly product which is recyclable, reducible and reusable and to enrich the public on the importance of environmentally friendly products.  Our products are innovative and helps the nation “Singapore” achieve a better living environment for all.

Creativity is the key to success in the trade of furniture making. Introduce Innovative products to Singapore Market.


Affordable Prices

Our prices are both fair and affordable for all people in Singapore.

Good Quality

Waterproof WPC Board are far more reliable long lasting and cost effective. Comparatively with plywood the costs are 1/3 higher at an average count.

Good services

We provide pre and post sales services throughout regular follow up with customers with their feedbacks.

Qualified Company

Been a Green Labelled, waterproofed and fire retardant material gives us the cutting edge to develop the product in Singapore and make SINGAPORE an environmental friendly for all of us living in.